How To Have A Fantastic Weekend Getaway, To Relax And Explore

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How to have the perfect weekend getaway. I’m going to give you a guide to a weekend getaway, Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is known for its rich culture, warm air, and friendly people, with water temperatures around 80 degrees and beautiful sandy beaches…is perfect for those who enjoy sight seeing, water sports and those who love to explore. There are attractions and places to visit for every type of traveler. The possibilities of adventure are endless. Read along and I will give you some tips on how to relax and explore a weekend getaway to Puerto Rico….truly fantastic and unforgettable!

Travel arrangements, for your weekend getaway;

First contact your travel agent for all your travel accommodations to reserve your 2 nights 3 day weekend getaway online. Try to reserve an all inclusive to save your some time and some money. If you have a free airline ticket or if you could fly stand by, this is the best time to use it to save some extra $$$

Ask your travel agent about The Gran Puerto Rico Resort (this is a 5* hotel)…they are offering a five night 6 day for $399.99 each room (ask your travel agent if this price is good for the weekend, you probably could even get it cheaper… I don’t think this one is all inclusive, ask anyway. ) You could also contact the resort direct for any information. This resort is located 20 minutes from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

Also, if you are planning to explore the island my advice is to rent a car. This will save you money on taxi—cabs.

*have to warn you …if flying stand by, you must be very flexible.

* No passport is needed if you are a U.S. citizen to travel to Puerto Rico.

If you go to Puerto Rico to explore , I have to warn you…after you relax and explore the 2 nights and 3 days in this beautiful land you are going to want to stay longer:) Who knows, maybe someday you will want to buy a retirement home or a vacation home/villa.

Weekend Getaway, things to do and places to visit;

Here some things you could do or places you could visit and explore while in Puerto Rico;

1. Check out Porta del Sol; they have uncrowded beaches with breathtaking sunsets.

2. Go to the town of Cabo Rojo…there you will find the best seafood restaurants in Puerto Rico at very affordable prices. You will also see beautiful beaches and wonderful sunsets.

3. You can’t leave without checking out Old San Juan. Old San Juan is the Historic core of San Juan…As this is a tourist destination, English is relatively common, but not universally spoken. There you will be able to explore the history of Old San Juan…they have many tours you can take and restaurants to enjoy some delicious spanish food yum yum …they also have other great foods.

Also, try to check out the San Juan National Historic Site while in Old San Juan. Ok…I could go on and on for things you could do or places to see in Puerto Rico, but this will mean you need to plan a couple of weeks vacation:)…Go and have yourself a fantastic weekend getaway and who knows, you will be back to visit in no time.

Relax and explore, enjoy your weekend getaway in Puerto Rico!



*Plan in advance your weekend getaway.

*Don’ forget your shades, hat and sunscreen.

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