What is important?

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When you make sure your child has the right top and trainers.

But have no idea of the plight of other races.

Yes, you’ve made sure they have the right look.

But inside the home, not even a book

And is it ok to spend hours and hours on the play station.

But not a second thought about their education,

And how often do we talk.

To spend time together with a game or a walk.

So what has happened to the world we live in?

Do we treat it like our own waste bin?

Are we bothered that icebergs are melting?

And changing our weather, to droughts and flooding.

And about the children who die every day of starvation.

But you need that new dress for the party of a relation.

“Let’s see how many pints we can drink tonight”.

When a mother in Africa will see her child die in the night.

When you eat as much as you need, and then even more.

And think nothing at all about the poor.

Have they had enough to eat? Are you sure?

Help from others more fortunate, is the only cure.

When you must have everything you want, not need,

And feel self satisfied when you succeed.

When others out there don’t have what they should.

With help and support they certainly could.

You go for a walk and what do you know.

You’ll see beauty, flowers, trees or even a rainbow.

What is important, what do you think?

Why not ponder on it over a biscuit and a drink.


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