Malabsorption Issues from Birth

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Today is a day we thought we would never see. It is our son’s fourth birthday. There were problems immediately after birth and he was diagnosed with failure to thrive at 8 weeks of age. He spent the first 18 months of his life in and out of the hospital, and the pediatric ICU doctors said he was beyond their scope of practice and he was expected to pass away by 18 months of age. Multiple specialists were brought in to figure out why he would stop breathing and why he was trying to eat constantly, only to have projectle vomiting afterward, followed by screaming. After 8 weeks of nursing he was put on Alimentum formula which he is still drinking at four years of age. The gastroenterologist discovered at 5 months of age that he had severe reflux which also blocked his airways so we began treatment for that. He eventually grew out of the reflux but up until now he has received little benefit from eating solid foods. Doctors in three different states now have tried to help our son and we believe we have finally, after four years, found the solution to his issues. The lab work from the most recent colonoscopy found small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) which most likely has been present since delivery. Why was this not found before now? Because not every lab is equipped to look for it. Bacteria! Really? Yes! He was given a simple antibiotic to kill the “bad bacteria” and now he has been on a probiotic for over two months. He has already gained weight and we can finally start the potty training process. Please, if your child has digestive issues, ask the doctor to check for SIBO. It could make a world of difference in a short period of time.


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