Facebook is now the most visited site online.

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Google has for many years been the most visited site on the net, because, if you wanted to find something on the worldwide web, and didn’t know where to look, Google was the most trusted search engine to find it. Facebook has been one of the most trusted sites to talk with your friends on. As of March 2010, however, Facebook has taken the lead as the most visted site, climbing from 2% of the market share a year ago, to beating Google at times with a market share of around 7%. The main reason why Facebook has improved the amount of visitors to it’s site so dramatically in the last year, is that certain parts of Facebook are now visible on the worldwide web through search engines like Google. Businesses can quite easily make a Facebook page about their business that will sometimes do better in a search than their main (.com) website.

I have been using Facebook pages to advertise and make links to my articles, and I have found that it is much easier than building a website on another site, and a Facebook page is instantly recognizable and user-friendly. Once a social networking site like Facebook gets a certain amount of people, everyone else is forced by peer pressure to join them, so they can easily chat, advertise, network, and play silly games with each other. There are millions of members on Facebook, and with this tearing down of the Facebook wall, Facebook will undoubtedly grow to be the most visited site on the net, taking over Google. For more information see: Writing for profit on Facebook business pages.


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