My stammering son Benjamin

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It’s so hard to say son, but don’t worry I’ll wait.
When others keep butting in I’ll tell them straight.
You have a right to make your feelings known.
And because you do your confidence has grown.

I know it’s a struggle and you must find it hard.
When you try to talk and you feel you can’t be heard.
Don’t worry my boy your strengths outweigh your weakness.
That doesn’t stop your love shining, or your kindness.

You struggled from being really small with this severe stammer.
I wish I could take away the struggle and make your conversation easier.
Your stammer is a part of you now, so use every experience Ben to your advantage.
And never let another person in this world, let you feel at a disadvantage.

For your stammer you know there is no cure.
But we’ve had the best speech therapists for sure.
They have taught you techniques to talk with less struggle and stress.
And the Michael Palin Centre makes sure you get the right help and assess.
You know sweetheart none of this can be solved with a pill.
With your own outgoing personality, get there, you will.

Sometimes you’ve got really really mad,
Because you struggle so much it makes you so sad.
There will be a lot to get through and so much to say.
But you can be certain your family will be with you, all the way.

Always remember Ben that love is not only expressed on word and sounds.
The love you show is priceless and can’t be bought in pounds.
You show your love in many other ways,
in smiles, cuddles, kindness, and in actions every day.

Please don’t see this as a mountain you can’t climb.
More of hurdle we need to jump so much of the time.
Please remember whatever you say or don’t say.
Your mum says “son you’re amazing”


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