How Television Commercial Can Effect us

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With so many new inventions in the last 100 years, television would have to be the best.  At the press of a button immediate entertainment satisfies every member of the family, from the latest block buster movie to educational shows for the children . Let’s not forget the sport channels, imagine! football on the enormous Plasma screen without having to pay the exuberant  price of a ticket: this with the added bonus of being comfortable. What about fashion and beauty? Through this magical screen women of all ages know what will make them look out of this world. What about the cooking shows that show? They teach the viewer how to prepare an endless variety of meals………. .

The list goes on and on, but unfortunately there is never a good side without a sinister, or maybe we could call it insidious one. The constant interruption of programs by advertisements makes it almost impossible to concentrate on whatever one is watching. Adults find this difficult, and children even more so. Imagine trying to read a book and every 3 to 5 minutes being interrupted.  You would never finish it, if you did, the story would be completely disjointed and meaningless.

Experts are quick in accusing viewers that short concentration spans in both adults and children are due to the long hours of TV viewing; yet I have not heard any of these expert mention the money spinning breaks to be the real culprit. The money is so good that even Pay TV is now guilty of constant commercial breaks. ( initially when it was first introduced, it promised to be commercial free)

As a teacher, I observe this phenomenon every day. The only way that I am able to maintain the student’s attention is by keeping the instructions as short as possible: everytime  a discussion becomes lengthy, the majority immediately looses focus.

I firmly believe the problem to our short concentration span is not the amount of time spent watching TV, but the constant advertisement breaks. The constant interruptions is the main factor towards the human brain failing to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time.


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