GTA IV Review

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I’ve not played any of the other games of the grand theft auto series, but I have ventured into play Grand Theft Auto IV, and let me tell you it’s a fun game. There are three islands you unlock as you go. You play as NIko who comes to Liberty City to see his Cousin Roman and also to find a guy he knew back in the “old country”.  He ends up helping a lot of people, and generally getting into a heck of trouble. One thing I like about this game is that you can steal a cop car and take down the “most wanted” criminals.

Another thing I really like about this game is the many cars, all models and great paint jobs. You can pretty much do anything to this car, it takes a while for it to blow, but when it does you better get out of there. I like to hold up the hospital and get ammo from the cops that way, just call 911 from the cellphone and shoot, punch, knife, or use the baseball bat on a few people.

The cops will come running and if you go from the entrance, turn right, and then left go down the hall and get into position you are pretty much safe.  It’s a real fun game for people who like both racing games as well as shooting games. I am a fan of both and so it’s a real plus for me.

I recommend renting it and giving it a try. It’s on 360 and PS3 as far as I know.


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