Top 5 Electronics for Djs

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Gone are my days for clubbing but I remember them well. First thing to keep in mind is that there are several types of DJs, for example radio DJ, or club DJ. With the different types comes the different equipment. For example some DJs prefer turn-tables, others prefer CD mixers. But there is some equipment that every DJ should have and they have to make sure that it is the best in order for them to deliver the best sound in the music industry.

Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable

Most of us have heard about Technics and it is very rare to hear someone complaining about them. This high torque turn table provides quick starts and for vibration absorption there is a molded aluminum die-cast cabinet. They look professional and if taken good care of, they can last a lifetime. This turntable also features direct dive with quartz accuracy for a continuous-pitch adjustment of up to + or – 8%. If you want to leave some good impressions, this turntable will definitely help.

Vestax PMC-05PROSL DJ Mixer with Sampling

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued but you can find a second hand one very easily. It is a powerful weapon for performances. It is suitable for both beginning and professional DJs. The sampler offers up to 24 seconds of sampling. It also includes a dual band equalizer on each channel and ¼” mic input. It also comes with an external foot switch and a dedicated vertical fader. Don’t let all the buttons intimidate you because it is very easy to use.

Pioneer CDJ-100MK3 CD/MP3 Player

The price for this piece of equipment can be shocking but you can rest assured that you are buying the best. It has full MP3 support which includes VBR files at any bitrate. The fully customizable job dial is perfect for improved effects and timing. Besides CDs and MP3s, this player also takes a big variety of multimedia cards. It is also nice to look at, especially in the dark, where the lighting is multicolor and fluorescent. This is a must for every CD or MP3 DJ.

Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge

A DJ should always be aware that his/her cartridge or needle can break at any time; therefore he/she have to carry some extra ones around. This cartridge employs low-mass, high output magnet structure which makes it perfect for scratching. It fits all leading turntables and comes with a one-year warranty.

Sony MDR-V700 DJ Headphones

What’s a DJ without headphones? These headphones are probably one of the best out there. They have a 50mm driver with neodymium magnet and provide crystal clear high quality sound. The bass is powerful and the treble is clear. They are foldable and easy to carry around and the price is not so bad. These headphones are not only designed for DJs. Those who like cranked up volume right in their ears should get these too.

The best places to buy this kind of equipment online are probably the following sites:

Musiciansfriend also accepts monthly payments if you qualify for their program.


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