Cannabis Community Cries FOUL: MMJ Provider Being Investigated After Having His Home Broken Into

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At 4:41 am this morning, several young bandit masked burglars attempted to break into the Medical Cannabis grow room at Steve Sarich’s home in Kirkland.

While napping inside the house with his girlfriend, Sarich was altered to intruders on his land from his family dogs outside. In the Kirkland neighborhood where Sarich lives, there has been a string of home invasion break in’s since last may in many homes, and being alert of this, Sarich brought his hand gun outside to investigate with him.

This was a smart choice of Mr. Sarich, as the bandit masked bandits who where breaking into his grow room and his home, had brought along a shot gun and had already infiltrated his living room. As Sarich came into the center of his home, he found himself barrel to face with a shotgun and didn’t hesitate to shoot at the burglar who also fired at Sarich. The shot gun splatter mostly missed Sarich’s head, but managed to lodge two pellets into his face and his arm. His fire missed the burglar in his living room and then his gun jammed. Narrowly missing another shot from the living room, Sarich got back to his bedroom for another gun and spotted the robber outside, whom he fired three shots at.

Steven Sarich is a active supporter for reform to the drug war, as well as a promoter of safer alternatives for pain and recreation. When the police were called he cooperated with them completely, while many neighbors tried to help clean up the mess the burglars made at his home. Under Washington State’s “Castle Law”, Steve Sarich had every right to shoot the home invaders and protect his home.

Under Washington State’s Medical Marijuana laws, Steven Sarich is legally allowed to grow marijuana to provide medicinal patients with, as well as his own supply.

After speaking with several neighbors of Sarich, the thefts had apparently been partaking in a spree of home invasions all over the Kirkland area for anything of value, yet when it comes to Sarich’s home, the Kirkland PD seem to feel the motive was purely cannabis related. Again showing their callous discontent for the legal cannabis grower and his pursuit to help patients in the area, as well as the laws.

Steven Sarich runs a patient resource provider business in Kirkland called “Canna Care”, which provides medicinal cannabis medicine to those who have a legitimate cannabis recommendation from their health care provider. Within the laws of Washington state, which are ambiguous and unclear, Sarich has the right to grow enough for One Patient, but it doesn’t not say how long a person has to be his patient. Even the state suggests that there is not much that can be done until the laws are changed to be clearer.

After a short investigation, the Kirkland PD arrest one bandit who turned himself in when he reported he had been shot by Sarich and badly needed help, and another burglar who had been waving money down the road in an attempt to hitchhike. There are still two young home invaders at large, that so far, the police have done nothing about.

So now what? What is the plan of the Kirkland PD? To get a Warrant and search Steven Sarich’s home and decide whether or not he is complying with state Cannabis Laws. Even though he has clearly proved to be within the law already, Kirkland Police are suggesting that the home invaders were clearly after his Marijuana alone, and instead of doing their part to protect a citizen of this state and others who might be invaded by the bandits, the Kirkland police find it more important to investigate the cannabis case.

As one can imagine, many in the Cannabis Community are crying “FOUL!” on the choice of the Police to investigate and search Sarich’s home. Many are waiting on baited breath to see if the justice system in Washington state condemn’s another great cannabis grower, simply for doing his part to help those who choose alternative method’s of relief and recreation.

Is it not more important to stop violent criminals breaking into homes with shotguns and negative intentions, then it is to investigate someone growing life saving plants?

Check back for updates of this story….


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