Top 10 Tips to Save Water

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Saving water is not only vital for the environment but also for your wallet. Almost everyone has gone through a moment of disbelief when they opened the water bill that just arrived freshly in your mail box. You will find yourself saying things like “I have done everything to try and save more on my water bill” and in that moment of frustration you will start blaming everything around you. But before you do anything drastic you should take a look at a few things that will reduce your bill and make you more environmental friendly.

Flushing the Toilet

It is vital to flush the toilet after each use, but amazingly enough there are people who flush even if they put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet. Each toilet flush is 1.6 gallons or 6 liters. Check your flush volume by looking at the tank capacity which is usually on the bottom. Another thing is water leaking from the toilet. There are several ways how you can check this but the fastest and convenient way is to add some food dye in the water tank. If you have a leak, the color will appear in the bowl after about 30 minutes.

Personal Hygiene

Showers are vital and everyone should at least shower at least once daily. You can save water by limiting your showers to five minutes and turning the water off while you are scrubbing yourself. Some people prefer baths and ways to save on water is to close the drain before you start filling up the tub and filling the tub up to the middle is usually more than enough. There are also a lot of people who keep their faucet open while shaving or brushing teeth. For shaving, you can fill up the sink and use that water.

Old Showerheads, Toilets and Faucets

Some people will say “They are old but they are still working so why change them?” There is a very good reason to why you should change them. A showerhead that is old uses 8 gallons of water a minute, while showerheads that were made after January 1994 use 2.5 gallons. Toilet flushes are the same. An older water tank can cost 11,000 more gallons of water a year.


Sprinklers do a good job and they do it automatically so we don’t have to get out there in the sun and water the lawn. Problem is some people don’t set up their sprinklers correctly and they end up putting more water on the sidewalk then on the lawn. Another useful tip is to not cut the grass too short as it will not be able to hold a lot of moisture.

Keeping Your House Clean

It is important to live in a clean environment, but what people fail to see is that a broom can work wonders. For example instead of pouring water on your driveway, you can just use a broom. It will do a good job and will save you a lot of water.

Washing the Car

Washing the car can either be done using a hose or filling up a bucket of water. Most people prefer the hose because they think it is quicker, easier and more convenient. But that is wrong. Filling up a bucket of water to wash your car (more if needed) can save you up to 150 gallons of water.

Freshening Up on a Hot Summer Day

If you have a pool make sure that you cover it when it is not being used. That will decrease evaporation and therefore decrease the need to fill it up again.

Water Meters are Your Friends

Learn how to read a water meter. If you don’t know how you can find several resources on the Internet that will teach you how. A water meter is best used to determine if you have a leak. Take a reading (make sure that everything water-wise is turned off) and then after 30 minutes take another reading. If you see that the dial moved, then you certainly have a leak.

Household Chores

Most people have a dishwasher and washing machine at home these days. When it comes to washing clothes, wait until you have a full load instead of washing a little at a time. You can also adjust the water level to suit the size of the load. The same can be done with a dishwasher.



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