Final Fantasy XIII Taejin’s tower guide – Fourth Fifth and sixth Tier

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Possibly the most generic mark in Final Fantasy XIII. Mushussu should only be an issue if you are seriously under levelled- at which point go back and grind. Apart from that, simply apply you usual buffs and debuffs, and then go all out to stagger and destroy everyone in the battle as quickly as possible.  There are no real surprises here.


This guy is a little bit trickier. Vetala is immune to physical attacks and resistant to just about everything else. The only way to do any real damage is to stagger him. To make matters worse, Vetala has multicast which allows him to hit your entire party with one spell. To make this even worse, he can also inflict de shell on you! The best way to deal with this is to try and get protective buffs (Shell) in place, or to always have a medic on standby. To beat this mark you will need to alternate between full offence, and full defence (Sentinel and a maedic), or stay in semi offence (Diversity paradigm). If you screw up, don’t be afraid to either go for a full defence paradigm or use an eidolon. Ensuna can help will de shell if you don’t have anyone who can cast shell handy. Vetala is tough, but not too hard if you keep on your toes.


This is another one that’s pretty straight forwards. The trick is to deal with all the ‘regular’ enemies first, as that will reduce your incoming dps considerably. If you have –aga spells, Use them on the Penanggalan to harm it and it’s lackeys at the same time. This will help you 5 star the mark. Beyond that, if you have any trouble, try buffing first, or go back to level some more than take on Penanggalan again.


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