Top 5 External Hard-disks

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Computer hard drives keep growing and growing in size and a while ago we saw the new 1TB (Terabyte), 2TB and now even more. But it is always wise to have such a big hard drive? I personally don’t like them as maintenance is high and they can be expensive. Personally I prefer buying two good middle sized hard drives. First of all it makes me feel safer since I will be backing up on three hard drives which are the one that comes with the computer and the two external ones, plus you can always burn on DVDs or CDs. So which hard drives are the best?

Iomega MiniMAx 500GB External USB 2.0 and FireWire-400 Hard Drive with Hub

This is one of the two that I own. The price is very good for a 500GB hard drive and this high capacity hard drive can be connected via USB 2.0 or FireWire-400 for ultra fast transfers, which are up to 50MB/sec if you use USB 2.0. So you don’t have to sit for hours until your back ups are done. The rotation speed for this hard drive is 7200rpm, which makes it one of the fastest. One of the best features in this hard drive is its advanced cooling system. It has a thermal probe that regulates fan speed without noise. The size is just 6.5 by 6.5 inches and that is ideal for users with limited desk space.

Western Digital 500GB My Book Studio Edition Quad Interface External Hard Drive

This hard drive comes housed in an elegant design and is an excellent choice for those who like eye candy. This is also the second hard drive that I own. This hard drive differs from the first one only because it has a built-in-power-saving option. It is also Mac compatible which makes things a lot easier. This hard drive connects via USB 2.0 or eSATA. eSATA will allow you to transfer up to 300MB/sec. Another good feature is that this hard drive is plug and play and there is no need to turn off your computer before you connect or disconnect it.

G-Technology 500GB G-Safe FireWire-800 and USB 2.0 External Hard Drive RAID 1 Array

The only reason that I did not go for this hard drive is because it is expensive, but for those who have the extra buck this is definitely a must. It is mainly designed with digital workflow in mind but can be used for anything else. It features a front panel LCD, as well as an alarm that sounds in case of drive failure. The RAID 1 Array is a beautiful add and it writes identical data to two physical drives to ensure that the data is not lost in the event of a single hard drive failure.

Seagate 500 GB FreeAgent Pro Triple Interface External Hard Drive

If you had to look at a computer that belongs to a serious professional you are most likely going to find a hard drive or two that are made by Seagate. This FreeAgent Pro hard drive includes a software suite for Windows that will allow you to share things online, access your date remotely and it even allows you to roll back your PC system settings in case of a problem. This all black and orange hard drive measures 3 by 7.5 by 6.3 inches so it is suitable for those with limited disk space.

CalDigit 1.5TB FireWireVR External Hard Drive Array

I personally never had any CalDigit hard drive mainly because they don’t do 500GB ones. But I have some friends who swear by this one. It offers a fail safe storage solution and basically it is two 750GB hard drives and it copies data on both of them. Its array configurations include RAID 0 for performance, RAID 1 for data mirroring or you can access each hard drive as a separate volume. To get an idea of the size, 1.5TB will allow you to save around 375,000 MP3 files.


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