Five Top Time Wasters for Online Business Owners

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One of the most important things for online business owners to have is a strong work ethic.  After all, there is no boss standing over you and making sure you get all your required work done.  When you are the boss, you must motivate yourself to stick to the job and get everything completed in a timely fashion.

Not only do the everyday chores of home and family provide distractions for online business owners, the internet itself is a treasure trove of time wasters.

Time Waster for Online Business Owners – Email

Of course, most online business owners have to read and answer email for their business.  But, they probably get personal emails as well.  Personal emails should not be answered during the business hours that they set.  Just as an employer would not want you to email your sister during office hours, you should not do so during your own business hours.

Time Waster for Online Business Owners – Social Networking

Social networking sites have become huge in the past few years.  Online business owners often use them for business networking and even advertising.  It is important, however not to waste your time chatting with others and exchanging pictures or video that have nothing to do with your online business.

Time Waster for Online Business Owners – Forums

Forums and message boards are also great tools for online business owners.  They offer learning experiences, places to network and market your website or business, and a sense of community.  However, you can waste a lot of time on forums by being sucked into discussions with the other members.  Remember to separate your business and personal lives.

Time Waster for Online Business Owners – Online Games

There are no redeeming business qualities for online gaming.  Whether it is online bingo or poker, a MMORPG, or any other game, there is no way to trick yourself into thinking you are doing anything but wasting time.  Online business owners should stand firm to their commitment to stay away from online games during business hours.

Time Waster for Online Business Owners – The Search Engine

Search engines are great tools for any online business.  You can find new programs, marketing ideas, and information about how to succeed.  The call of the search engine can lead you astray, however.  You can waste a lot of time surfing the web from subject to subject.

These top five time wasters for online business owners must be overcome if you want your internet business to be successful.  Even more than brick and mortar employees, online business owners must develop a stick-to-it attitude that can overcome these distractions and all the things that can waste their time.


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