How to Artificially Inflate Blog Traffic

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Getting traffic to your blog is essential for small business growth and profit.  If no one visits your blog, it is worthless.  Getting traffic can be a challenge in the beginning, especially when visitors perceive your blog as unpopular.  Blog marketers know that an active, comment-rich blog attracts more subscribers and commentors more than one devoid of traffic.

Getting blog traffic through internet marketing methods takes time and energy, but is ultimately the best method for sustainable popularity.  To supercharge your initial blog launch, you can artificially inflate blog traffic in the beginning.

Artificially Inflate Blog Traffic – Be Yourself and Others

One method of artificially inflating blog traffic is to comment on your blog yourself, or create alternate user accounts and use them to make comments on the blog posts.  Enlisting family or friends to do the same works as well.  These blog comments will give the illusion of a busy, popular blog and will convince others to comment as well.  Indeed, conversations and interactions can take place in the comment sections of blogs which can also be picked up by search engines and bookmarking sites.

Artificially Inflate Blog Traffic – Automatic Traffic and Submissions

Automatic traffic programs are less popular than they once were, mostly because of the low quality traffic they deliver to your website or blog.  However, to boost hits or traffic rankings, using automatic blog or site rotation systems can be effective.  There is always the slim chance that another person using this method to boost their hit counter will spot your blog and become interested.

Artificially Inflate Blog Traffic – Bad Black-Hat SEO

There are a multitude of so-called black hat search engine optimization (SEO) practices that can artificially boost your blog traffic.  From using follow scripts, pop-unders and pop-up ads, and exit traffic from other blogs or websites, you can increase traffic rankings while not boosting the actual numbers of people who view your blog.

Black hat SEO techniques are not only a less than ideal way to get extra traffic to your blog or website, they can also land  you in hot water with the major search engines.  Getting your blog banned from search engines and popular directories will be much more deleterious than any inlfated blog traffic numbers you may get in the beginning.

As a blogger and internet marketer, I do not practice or recommend these methods of boosting blog traffic.  In the long run, taking more time and putting forth more effort to increae natural blog traffic will result in more subscribers and ultimately more success.


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