Sharing Christian Faith on Bukisa

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Bukisa presents an excellent opportunity to Christians to share their faith. Bukisa is a very user friendly website where you will find it easy t o use. Christians can write on any topic on the Bible that can be of value or inspiration to nurture Christians’ faith in their Lord Jesus and to contribute insights to the knowledge of God. It is rewarding as a writer to see people learn about Christ and come to know him as their Lord and Savior.

Bukisa will reward you for your efforts for sharing your faith on its website.  Bukisa pays you for every click a reader makes on your articles. Bukisa’s rate which is known as index is by comparison one of the highest amongst other the websites. As I write this article, it was 3.19. That means Bukisa will pay you $3.19 for every 1 000 clicks made on your site.

Here are simple steps on how to share your faith on Bukisa.

Step 1.  Develop a daily routine of reading your Bible. May be start with a Testament, for instance, the New Testament.

Step 2. Read a chapter of a book of that Testament each day. If you choose New Testament, start with chapter one of the Gospel of Mathew and so on.   

Step 3. Meditate on your reading. The inspirations you get from your meditation can turn into a good article for Bukisa.

Step 4.  Write the article. You can write one article each day as you read the chapters of the book of the Bible you are reading for your daily devotion. That means, you can steadily write one article a day. This can be a disciplined way of writing for Bukisa. Imagine, if you consistently do that over a period of time, you may end of writing more than 500 articles.

Step 5. Publish your article on Bukisa. If you do not have an account with Bukisa, create one now using this link on this site.

Step 6. Promote your articles through your social networks like Face Book or Twitter. Social networks are ideal places for you to invite people to read your articles. You have to go out to bring people in to read your articles.

Step 7. Sit back watch people blessed by reading your articles and at the same time your royalties flowing in from Bukisa. In this way you will earn good residual income from your e-witnessing.


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