Triond: New Features

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Most of you already know, but just in case, Triond is a site where users submit their articles and content and earn money based on the amount of views their article generates. Triond is one of the best sites for user submitted content, because of their unique sorting system. Instead of having one website, Triond runs multiple websites, each about a certain subject, such as music, science, etc. This way the content is geared towards the people who visit that particular site on a regular basis. This ensures that all content is exposed maximally.

Recently, Triond added a useful new feature, Google Adsense integration. Adsense is a program run by Google which allows users to place ads on their websites and earn money every time someone clicks on their ads. Having Adsense integration on Triond means that users can place Google Adsense ads on their content, and generate even more money every time a visitor to the site clicks on one of the advertisements. However, the user does not earn 100% of revenue generated by the ads. 50% of all money generated goes to Triond.

Another feature Triond has added recently is referrals. This means that existing users can invite their friends and family to join Triond. The existing user will earn 10% of whatever the people he invited make. However, this will NOT affect the revenue of the users who were referred by the first user. This is an efficient way of making sure that users are constantly earning some revenue, even if they are not currently submitting content.

These features make Triond one of the leaders in article directory sites. Writing is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side.

You can join Triond, here.


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