Final Fantasy XIII Taejin’s tower guide – First floor.

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Having trouble beating the statue’s marks in Taejin’s tower on Final Fantasy XIII? You’ve come to the right place!


Being well read is sometimes a crutch, the first time I read this I thought it was a corruption of Galician… anyway, the Gelatitan is a very easy mark. It can hit your entire party, and also do a lot of damage per hit, but its attack rate is so slow that you won’t worry too much. Jump into a synergist based paradigm (Sazh is a good choice) to get yourself buffed up with enthunder and haste and then just start attacking. Use relentless assault for maximum damage, and switch to diversity when things get hairy. Keep up the attack and the Gelatitan will fall in no time!

Ambling Bellows

This battle is very tough, as the ambling bellows tends to hit with a long, powerful combo before retreating again. You need to be controlling the medic here so you can execute heals early!. The key here is the ability to switch between an absolute defence paradigm (like protect or battle clinic), and a partial offence paradigm (such as diversity). First, use protection or evened odds to set up your buffs, then when the ambling bellows are not attacking, use diversity to start harming it while you keep your party’s HP up from attacks from its lackeys. When the ambling bellows attack, switch to full defence to keep everyone alive (you need at least one sentinel) I recommend Solidarity (med-Com-Sent) as the commando can help you keep any chain bonuses you acquired during the offence. When it backs off again switch to your offensive paradigm to keep laying on the hurt.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use an Eidolon if needs be! Oh and don’t bother killing the lackeys. They only regenerate.

If you’re still having trouble with ambling bellows, use Hope for protection and only use paradigm that contain either a medic or sentinel. That will be a very long battle though.


Your average scale beast… plus one! This guy is pretty easy to beat, especially compared to the bellows. He’s immune to almost everything though, so use libra to identify weaknesses. Apart from that, just keep building the chain gauge and then go for maximum DPS once he is staggered. All in all, Gurangatch should only give you trouble if you’re under levelled.


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