Getting Started In The T-Shirt Printing Business

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Being the first to sell the new t-shirt is half thew battle when you want to make money in the t-shirt selling business. How do you get to be the first? Well really it has to be your idea, your brainwave. You have to seize the moment and go for it.  The reason you have to be first is simply this, if its not your unique idea and you can  not claim intellectual copyright over the idea then as sure as eggs are eggs everyone else in the business will jump on your idea. That is what they do so dont be surprised when it happens!

 So you have your idea, it may be a new phrase look at “Sh*t Happens” it may be a portrait “Che Guevera” or a “I heart stockport”

 Then you need some basic t-shirt printing equipment. This is what you need, a computer and printer, a table mounted screen press, a silk screen, a squigee,a fruit of the loom t-shirt or a gildan or starworld t-shirt will do, a spreading trough, accertate paper tape, screen emulsion, a hose with water supply, and ink.

The first step is to coat your silk screen with the screen emulsion, then leave it to dry in a dark place. In the meantime print out your image from the computer onto the accetate paper. When the screen is dry you need to attach the accetate onto the screen and expose this under an UV light you should be able to expose this in around 12 minutes. After this use the hosepipe to wash off the exposed emulsion this should leave a sharp image on your screen. Leave to dry and then tape round the edges, look for any holes in the emulsion and tape them over. Attach your screen to the table mounted press and loadwith ink. Put your t-shirt under the screen lower your screen onto the t-shirt and firmly push the ink through the mesh onto the t-shirt. Then you need to dry your t-shirt, if you havent got a spot dryer then you can dry on a bar fire but please do so with great care, not only is it easy to burn your shirt but you dont want to cause any injuries to yourself.

 Then get a picture of it and list it on ebay and as they say. Wait for the bids to roll in.

Best of luck


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