Where to watch American Idol episode 8 online

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American Idol is having a episode eight and you can watch it online at the following websites. These shows have agreement with the show itself to air it. You can always go to youtube.com and see plenty there too.The season is now beginning with some wild contestants and just so much auditioning is being done. You can catch all of these online with no problems. No one can resist the new hot judge either.

watch-american-idol-online.com is one place that you can watch the show for free online. http://www.americanidoltvonline.com/ is another place that you can watch the show for free. This is another popular and well known site to watch shows and movies. www.fancast.com/tv/American-Idol/3329/main. www.celebritique.com/2008/12/31/watch-american-idol-online-free-season-8/. www.americanidol.com/. sharetv.org/shows/american_idol.

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