Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year is celebrated from January 16 to February by most Eastern culture. You will see parades, celebration, concert or just a lot of parties and crowded street in some town. It’ll end in about three days for most cities so you won’t see crowded street again.

You can celebrate it by attending festivals, giving out money envelope, and just partying and wishing your friends or coworker a happy new year if you’re not from that culture. You can send ecards or just give a Happy New Year cards to people that you know, work with or friends.

You can give them a red envelope with a dollar to twenty dollars for good luck as this is the tradition. People give each other envelope with a few bucks for a New Year good luck and some people do give more than that.

There will be festivals in most major city like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. The festival can be in the form of a parade or just an amusement festival at the local park that is build with rides, games, fun, foods, and entertainment. You can also attend it if you like and it’s only a few bucks.


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