Stories From The Twentieth Century

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There are many purposes for literary fiction. Stories in literary fiction are written to entertain people and grab their interest and attention with evens created from a person’s imagination. Stories can also be written to inspire people. Fiction may be based on truth and written in the form of a story for the purpose of teaching people lessons about life. They also give shape to human experience. The root of all stories comes from myth, legends, and folktales. There are much more similarities between stores from the past and stories from the present than there are differences.

One difference is the fact that stories of the twentieth century have an increase in realism than the stories from a more distant past. They have more detail, which is used in a realistic manner. Many stories are written in a way that can seem as though the events actually took place.

Literature from a more distant past seems to have more heroic and poetic characteristics to them. Of course, modern writers still add heroic characteristics to their stories and they also add poetic characteristics to their stories. However, for the most part, they tend to avoid larger-than-life characters more than they avoid the average Joe. In their literary realism, they’ve chosen to focus more on common people and include within the story many details of his every day life.

Authors of the long ago past worried more about what was happening outside of a man and left out much of the interior detail. You didn’t get such a detailed glimpse inside of a character’s head as you do in more modern stories. Sometimes, the physical events in a story come to a “pause” as the reader glimpses into a character’s mind and reads his thoughts, discovers his worries, and learns about his emotions. This detailed explanation can happen on a constant basis throughout the story.

Of course, these ways of writing existed in the earlier centuries, but there has been much of an increase with writers of the twentieth century and writers of the twenty first century.

Some recommended stories of the twentieth century include: His Excellency, Hands, and The End of a Good Man.


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