Where to watch Lost episode 5

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Lost season 5 will start today on the 21st. The first episode is called “Because you Left.” The second section is called “Lie.”The following are websites that you can view the show online for free

www.fancast.com is a popular place where you can watch most TV shows and movies. www.alottoolbars.com is another popular place where you can watch the show and most music videos and movies. www.rapidshare.com is also another place that you can watch the show and the movies. www.megavideo.com is also another website where you can watch the show and most movies. www.cucirca.com/2007/05/12/watch-lost-online/watchinglostonline.com. This is also another website that you can watch the movies.  www.watchlostfree.com/satellitetvguru.net/watch-lost-season-5-episodes-online/
www.Veoh.com/Lost is another popular place that you can also watch the video online.

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