Review on World of Warcraft

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if you want a game that lets you be your famous races from the warcraft series then this is the online game you want to play. The World of warcraft started out with the first expansion of Burning crusade and that was a big deal to the game. The expansion made two more big islands to see and brought the flying machines. The mounts are another good thing about the World of warcraft.. The mount system is a balanced one and gives you a goal to strive too. The world of warcraft allows you to be either allaince or horde., The races all have there own classes they can be. The races are human, dwarf, night elf, and gnome. then later on with Then they came out with burning crusade and allowed you to be a Dareni. The horde side also has some good races like the famous orc. The rest are Tuaren, troll, undead, and blood elf. There are many classes you can be depending on what race you are. The game brought a new way of PVP. There are many PVP arenas you can enter with plenty of objectives you have to reach. Another thing thats good about PVP is the rewards you can get.. The game later came out with the lich king that brought alot more places you can adventure and a few more PVP realms. The World of warcraft is one of the best MMMO out there today and there is so much to do in the game you will never be bored. My rating is a 5/5


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