The Notorious movie review : Watch it online

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New movie that will be in theater on January 16,2009 is Notorious Big. The casts are Jamal Woolard, Angela Bassett, Derek Luke. This is a Drama about the death of rapper Notorious BIG. It’s a complete detail of how he died at the party in LA. You will enjoy this drama as it’s nicely done.

It’s a story about Notorious Big started out in Brooklyn as a crack dealer and then becoming a famous rapper. There is news about the involvement of the suspects in his death and they have something to do with one lapd corrupted police officer. You can google it and it’ll show you all of the details between the rival of East Coast and West Coast rappers. What is interesting is that the police from lapd are also a member of the East Coast or West Coast crew. Therefore they are corrupted but many are behind bars. We’ve come to know that some lapd have been corrupted and they’re involved in these rivalries too. You can read more for yourself when you google it. It’s just the truth that the movie is trying to explore. The case of his death remained unsolved. The movie came out with a big success as many people are waiting to see it. The movie is definitely a piece of art about a very famous person like Biggy. People are curious to find out what happened to him. I think that you can find out for yourself by googling it. You can also watch the movie for free now at This is a website that you can watch the full movie instantly without having to sign up or pay.


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