10 Fool-Proof Ways to Get People to Stare at You Funnily

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1.     Sing a pointless, strange song.annoy

Ridiculous commercials are good for this, as are well known songs such as Mary Had A Little Lamb, It’s A Small World After All, or I Have A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

2.     Dance when no music is playing.

Not hard to do when you have a song stuck in your head. Just let loose, like, in a living room or something. I wouldn’t suggest doing this at school, however .

3.     Sing a song from a satirical music producer, such as Richard Cheese or Weird Al Yankovic.

There are just so many good songs to choose from with these guys! And you can’t go wrong singing one of their original, hilarious parodies.

4.     Wear the funkiest outfit you can come up with without looking like a dork.

There is no point to doing this unless you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. It works best if you don’t usually wear funky clothes, add crazy jewelry for added effect. But if you look dumb, then it’s overkill.

5.     Repeat the ending of everyone’s sentences to form your own sentence.

Here’s a model to help you do this:

Person: Today, I went to the movies.

You: Yeah, the movies.

Person: It was so crowded…

You: So crowded.

Person: Stop that, it’s annoying.

You: It is annoying.

This is one of my personal favorites. I do it to my parents all the time. The key is to do it when your person is talking to someone else. Then you do the repeating to the person they’re talking to.

6.     Tell really bad Chuck Norris jokes, or even really good ones.

You just can’t go wrong with Chuck Norris. Even the good jokes are pretty dumb, and when someone does laugh, chances are they’re laughing at you. Just memorize a bunch and don’t tell any less than five, or it will be pointless.

7.     Open your cell phone and pretend to be in a huge, dramatic fight with someone such as a parent, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Just don’t start laughing, and be sure to pause long enough to give the impression of someone on the other line saying something. Also, keep interrupting them, you want the argument to seem as realistic as possible. Perfect for a bus or crowded room. You can even play a ring tone then stop it suddenly for added effect.

8.     Tell a friend the dumbest thing you’ve done recently when there are a lot of people around to hear you.

If it isn’t plain dumb, or it’s kind of serious-dumb, then make up something. Good ones would be forgetting you were running bathwater for an hour, trying for ten minutes to get your stove on when you finally remembered it was gas, or cheering for your friend at a tennis match until you were kicked out (no cheering is allowed at tennis matches, for those of you who don’t know that.)

9.     Stare at them first.

Don’t be intimidating or rude about it, meaning chiefly, don’t do it to strangers or people who aren’t somewhat friendly with you. Try to make your eyes really wide when you stare at them, and it’s more effective the closer you are.

10.Put on a temporary tattoo upside down and be sure that part of it’s scratched off in such a way that’s it’s obvious that it’s both temporary and upside down, then complain loudly about it to anyone who will listen.

The goal of this is to make them think that you think the tattoo is real and was done wrong. The key to making this even somewhat believable is not to mention anything that comes with regular tattoos, such as price, where you got it done, how long it took, etc. Just focus on the fact that it was done wrong. For added effect, put more than one tattoo on to make a sleeve and then scratch of small parts. Don’t complain about the scratched off parts, just the fact that they’re upside down.


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