The Truth About Proactiv

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You may have heard of Proactiv. In fact, most of you probably have, and maybe even use it. There’s no denying it’s good (it’s the top selling acne treatment in the US), but there’s also no denying that it comes with a price. And what for? Certainly not for the price of clear skin, because there are better products out there for the same price, if only a little more. Here’s a hint: You probably haven’t heard about these ones though. At least, not from Jessica Simpson.

Proactiv is what the celebrities use. And anything the celebrities use is going to come with a price. This price just so happens to be $39.95 for a three piece kit. Okay, so that isn’t bad, especially when the kit lasts three months tops. But why pay extra just to see Kelly Clarkson advertise it on TV and then help pay for her kit (when she could more than afford it herself)?

My Mother uses Proactiv, and she swears by it. It really does work, I will admit (you should see her face), but the point is that it isn’t the best , especially for what you’re spending. Proactiv was ranked 8 the best acne product in the world, which, true, is no small feat. Of course, that does mean that there are 7 products out there which are better. But you won’t see that advertised by the celebs. Most of the prices range not too much higher than Proactiv anyway.

There’s no denying that Proactiv® works. But there is denying that you’re getting the best value for your money, and that you are buying the best product available to you. Why settle for less?


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