Eat Fat to Lose Weight

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It is actually true. You will lose weight if you eat lots of fat, but only if you eat the right kind of fat. 

The kind of fat that will help you lose weight is fat that contains lots of essential fatty acids. Wild salmon, fresh tuna, nuts, seeds and unrefined oils such as virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil are some good sources of essential fatty acids.

A good intake of essential fatty acids increase the metabolic rate and energy levels which means they actually increase calorie burning. They also decrease fat production. Furthermore essential fatty acids reduce the content of excess water held in the tissues of the kidneys. Excess water can constitute a big part of the weight in an overweight person.  

Cravings can be very difficult not to give in for and it is easy to put weight on quickly if eating snacks between meals ever so often. A craving is the body’s way of saying it has not been nourished properly. Maybe the diet does not contain enough carbohydrates, found in pasta, bread, rice and other grains, which is the main energy the body runs on or maybe the diet is lacking in some essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins or essential fatty acids. Fatty acids have the ability of stabilizing the blood sugar levels and thereby minimize the risk of cravings. Making sure the diet contains enough essential fatty acids will also prevent cravings from fatty acid deficiency.

 Some people overeat and put weight on because of depression or because they are feeling down. What better way to lift the depression than to make sure there are enough essential fatty acids in the diet. Essential fatty acids elevates mood and raise energy levels and wipe away sluggishness.

 In addition to weight loss and increased energy levels, a diet rich in essential fatty acids will keep your brain in a good condition and keep your immune system in top form. There is no reason to wait, just start munching those nuts and seeds straight away.


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