How to host a great Easter Party

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Easter is the time of the resurrection of Christ; it is also the beginning of spring, the time of the resurrection of nature.  The sap begins to rise in the trees; the flowers peep through the ground, the birds sing, and the whole earth takes on the spirit of resurrection life.  Easter is the time when spring fever begins to get into the blood, and the time for wholesome recreation has come.  The real significance of Easter must not be forgotten in the spirit of hilarity.  The following are some suggestions for an Easter Party:

  Invitations- The invitations may be written on cardboard cut into shape of a chicken, an egg or a rabbit.  The following is suggested for an invitation:

 On Saturday evening, we are planning an egg-cellent Easter party.  If this invitation is egg-cepted, we are eggs-pecting you to be there eggs-actly at four.  No eggs-cuses will be eggs-cepted.  The girls are eggs-pected to bring a chick hat that was chick long ago, the one bringing the oldest most ridiculous will win a chick prize.

  • Decorations- Use yellow and green crepe paper streamers.  Pictures of rabbits and chickens should be in evidence.  Baskets of Easter eggs should be on the tables and other areas.  Use flowers, especially lilies in vases or pots.
  • Partners: Mutt and Jeff-The girls are taken in one room and the boys remain in the other.  The girls are arranged to height, the shortest in front.  The boys are arranged according to height, the tallest in front.  They are then asked to number, beginning from the front.  When all come together, the boy, the tall one who was in front and number one, will find the girl who is number one and the short one who was in front, they will be partners, and so on until all numbers are matched.
  • Making Easter Hats- Provide each boy with crept paper or tissue paper in various colors, and safety scissors and tape.  Each boy is to make a hat for his partner, using these materials.  After all have finished, (set a time to finish) a prize is given to the one producing the best hat in the estimation of the judges.
  • Making Easter Frocks-In lieu of making the hat, newspaper/grocery bags may be used to make Easter Frocks.  A stack of old newspapers/grocery bags, among them some comic sheets to lend color.  Instead of comic sheets, colored crepe paper may be supplied to decorate the dresses, to make sashes, or collars, ties, etc.    
  • Fighting Easter Eggs- Give each guest three hard-boiled eggs which have been colored.  These can be the same eggs that are used for decorations.  They are to fight eggs – that is they are to try to break the eggs of the opponents by hitting them with their own egg.  If they succeed in cracking the shell of the opponents egg, they are to get the egg.  The cracked egg acquired may be used to fight with, and it is possible to break a good egg with the other end that is not cracked.  Whoever succeeds in winning the largest number of eggs win a prize.
  • Easter Egg Hunt-Have hidden about the room eggs cut out of colored cardboard or small candy eggs. Upon signal and announcement from the leader, all search for the eggs behind pictures, under table and everywhere that they may be hidden.. The one finding the largest number is to receive a prize.  If the eggs are candy, they may be divided and eaten.
  • RabbitRelay Race-Get a number of Easter rabbits from the Dollar Store.  There should be ten of these, although a smaller number will do, even four.  In the relay the couples with the even number are matched against the couples with the odd numbers.  The evens and the odds stand in two lines of equal number facing each other.  Five rabbits are placed on a chair at the head of each line.  Upon a signal from the leader, the first person in line picks up a rabbit and starts passing it down the line, then another and another until all have gone down the line.  When they reach the other end of the line, they must be laid on a chair until all the rabbits have passed down.  The one on the other end of the line must than start passing them back one at a time.  This game may be lengthened by having the rabbits make two laps that is, to go down and back twice.  
  • Rabbit Race- Select a boy from each group and have them get down on all fours and hop to a goal like rabbits and back in the same way.  The one returning first wins for his side. “They must hop like a rabbit”.
  • Making the Most of Easter Sunday-Give to each guest a sheet of paper with the words “Easter Sunday” written at the top.  Allow them five or six minutes to make words from the letters in Easter Sunday.  The guest making the longest list of words wins and should be give a prize.
  • Flower Stagecoach-The guest takes the names of flowers, as lily, rose, marigold, carnation, violet.  The leader stands in the center and tells about her flower garden.  She may say: “I heard that Mrs. Smith was sick, so I went to the flower garden and picked some roses, carnation and ferns and sent her a bouquet.”  When she say “rose, carnation, and fern” those who represent these flowers must rise and turn around, or, better, walk around their chair When she says “bouquet,” all must change chairs.  There must not be any extra chairs in the circle, and the leader is to try to get a chair when the change is made, the one left out becoming the leader. The leader then tells about her flower garden in the same manner.
  • Easter Bonnet Contest-The girls have been asked in the invitation to bring an old hat.  The older the hat, the better and the funnier. Have them wear the hats and parade before the group and the judges. The judges may decide the winner by holding a hand over the contestants and judging by the amount of applause.  The one who has the oldest and funniest hat should receive a prize.
  • Egg Relay-Match the even number couples against the odd numbers and have them stand facing a goal about fifteen or twenty feet in front of each line.The one in front is given a teaspoon with an egg on it.  This egg should of course, be boiled.  One of the colored Easter eggs with do.  Upon signal from the leader, the one at the front of the line is to run to the goal, carrying the egg in the spoon, which she holds by the end of the handle.  If the egg is dropped, it must be picked up and replaced before the runner proceeds forward.  When the first one is finished, she gives the spoon and the egg to the next one in line and takes her place at the back of the line.  The group that finishes first wins.
  • Refreshments-Serve sandwiches cut in shape of chicken or rabbit.  A small cup of candy eggs, ice cream molded as chicken and rabbit, or lily.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  • Party Supplies-

 (1.)  Crepe paper, safety scissors, tape, for making Easter hats, old newspapers/grocery bags, etc. for making Easter dresses.

(2.)  Colored eggs enough for two or three for each guest.

(3.)  Easter eggs cut out of cardboard hidden about the room or candy eggs hidden.

(4.)  Ten toy rabbits for relay race.

(5.)  Sheets of paper with “Easter Sunday” written at the top

(6.)  Teaspoons and eggs for relay.

(7.)  Prizes for the various contests.


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