Oily skin; shed the grease away

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Everyone, especially women are much concerned of their skin. Those having oily skin are much worried of their greasy appearance. They are much concerned of removing the oily grease from their face. Well, there is nothing to worry as one can come across many ways of removing the oily shine.

Well, what is oily skin? The oily skin is that looks greasy and which is characterized by shiny complexion. More prone to acne, oily skin comes with large pores, blackheads and pimples. The oily nature is caused by over-active glands that produce Asebum. Well, oily skin is hereditary and comes from parents. Apart from hereditary, other factors that may lead to oily skin are hormonal imbalances, fried foods and poor hygiene.

There are easy solutions to oily skin. Well, the solution to Oily skin is easy once the cause is determined. Though hereditary cannot be altered, persons having oily skin can get a glowing skin if they follow certain life style. Well, oil targeted skin care and proper cleansing techniques can help a great deal in getting the shine back.

If you feel of having more grease in the face, you should have to wash the face twice or thrice a day. It is better to use hot water as it helps in dissolving oil better than cold water. Use only soft soaps which do not contain any artificial additions. It is better to use only oil-based skin products.  Never go for heavy cleansing lotions and creams. Another way to get back the charm is to use clay or mud packs, which could give a glow to the skin.

Well, people having oily skin should also control their food habits. It is better to avoid fatty and fried foods. Do not drink soft drinks or carbonated drinks but instead drink fresh water.

Apart from the skin care products, there are also some natural ways to maintain oily skin. Aloe Vera, A mix of lime and cucumber, Burdock root, Oat straw, Chamomile, lemon grass, thyme, rose buds and lavender are good for oily skin.

Well, one can also come across drugs that fight oily skin. When choosing these medicines, always seek the advice from a doctor.


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