Hardships Before Achievements

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We, people, in the modern times, are surrounded by many temptations, frustrations and stress. But, we can manage to be successful through God that strengthens us, just like my sister. There are lots of things about my sister that I admire: her strong but loving attitude, her patience towards problems and her humility in spite of glory.

My sister obtains great attributes and traits that you seldom see from other girls. One attribute that let her stand out as an awesome sister is she does not only discipline, but at the same time, slips words of wisdom into our minds. By the time that she is finished scolding us, we already know what our mistakes are. When we also do wrong things, her strength shows off as an eldest sister. There is no other person we know that can reach out to your chest when talking but her. Despite of being strict, we understand that she is doing it for our own good and not for her own satisfaction. Every concerned sister will do the same. What’s unique about my sister is she uses it to educate us more. As an older sister, she offers us her caring assistance in family and education. When we have problems, there’s no need to approach her because she will come to us and give her concerned advice.

Waiting for the right time is not that easy. Even I have been a victim of acting before the right time, but, my sister has the patience to wait and to act on the right time and to discover what is right at the end as soon as the right time comes. Being a woman, student and daughter, she has also problems in her own life. She had a couple of problems about family, education and love. But nothing did affect her any less. She had finished her education by striving hard being a scholar of a government organization and found a way out of our poverty. “One goal down, a lot more to go” she said. Another troublesome situation that she encountered was all about love. Many guys strived hard to win the heart of my sister but no one succeeded until she finished school. Now that she already graduates, she receives the sweetness of true love.

My sister is also humble in dealing with other people in spite of her soaring career and glory. She normally talks to our relatives and friends like a normal woman. Her kindness to other people remains the same.  Maybe, it is because of what she had experienced that makes her understand more about life, and reminds her to keep her steps on the ground.

Even now, when I come to think the life experiences of my sister, I can stop thanking God that she has made it through. It is not just a matter of discipline, patience and humility, but it is the matter of trusting God through whatever challenges she faced. If we are determined and our thoughts are fixed on our tomorrow, we will be able to achieve our goals. My sister’s life serves as a proof that we can reach our dreams if we are willing to.


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