Tekken 6 – Prepare To Fight!

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If you are someone who loves fighting video games then Tekken 6 might be the game you want. It has exceptional graphics and amazing duo combo attack moves. This game will impress old and new fans to this series and it can hold its own for beginners to advanced fighters. Most of the old fighters are back along with some new, so if you love fighting then you will be in for a treat!

This game sports 41 fighters in total, so there are many characters to chose from. Many of the old fighters are pretty much the same with the exception of a few twists and most have at least one new combat move. Their damage control has also been reduced and some of their features have been modified. And as different as they may seem, they really are just the same fighters they used to be.

With six new characters to the match there is some new blood to mix with the old! These new fighters all offers something unique and range from female to male.

If you want to practice your game first, you can try the practice mode. This part of the game will not show you things you will only learn when you are actually playing the game, but it will show you how to refine your skills. It will also explain to you about timing for buttons, direction press and defence moves, It will also show you how to set up attacks and identify moves. You can stay in this section for as long as you need to, so that when you begin the game, you are well prepared.

Some cons to this game include things like playing in a distracting world. There is a lot going on in each level, from helicopters crashing to jets whizzing by and then there are these strange barn yard animals that leap all about making odd noises. And because the sound in the game is so crystal clear in quality, it can make it too distracting while you are playing. For example; when you are in the middle of a fight and a wounded donkey wonders by you making loud noises, you might be tempted to take your eyes off the fight for a second and then you lose, feeling a bit ripped off.

Some also claim that the loading times are too slow. When you are waiting for a match to load or for characters to load on to the screen there can be a long stand still. This can be derailing for many video game fans who just want to play!

While the graphics look amazing and the characters` details are refined, most of the characters skin looks waxy and fake. It was also noted that some fans were disappointed that there isn`t a two player mode when you are offline.

Tekken 6 is a fine game for all gamers alike who love a solid fighting game. This game is well loved because it has lots of characters to select from and each different character can bring forth a whole different kind of fight. There are also so many moves to discover and identify with that literally the fights could go on endlessly. There are some great new ways to prolong damaging fight combos and tricky encounters combined with insane game play that make this game an awesome addition to the five before it.

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