Step-By-Step Facial Cleansing Guide

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1. Wash Your Hands

There’s no point splashing your cash on state-of- the-art cleansing creams, only to apply them with dirty fingers. The germs we pick up on our hands can be transferred to the face, where they could cause nasty blemishes.

2. Tie Your Hair Back

Make sure all your hair is off your face before you cleanse. Headbands are good for getting you into a professional cleansing mode. They make it easier to cleanse up to the hairline, behind your ears and underneath your chin.

3. Pick The Perfect Cleanser

As a rule, milks, lotions and oil-based formulas are best for normal to dry skin; slightly foaming or lighter cleansing lotions are best for normal to oily skins; and creamy cleansers, rather than harsh soaps, work well with acne-prone skin. Choose whatever leaves skin feeling content.

4. Apply Leisurely

Massage cleanser onto skin, using upwards and outwards motions. Light but firm pressure will increase blood flow to the surface, helping skin rid itself of toxins. In winter we go heavier on foundation, so a first cleanse will help break down make-up; a second acts as a deep down “follicle” cleanse.

5. Pay Special Attention To The Eyes

The skin around your eyes is delicate, so use a specialised eye make-up remover. Soak a cotton wool pad with remover, place over the eye and wipe. Don’t ever rub the eye, as it can lead to irritation. Dip a cotton bud into your remover bottle and swipe gently along the lashes to remove any stubborn traces of eyeliner.

6. Dab, Don’t Splash

Don’t splash your face repeatedly with water post-cleansing – too much rinsing could ‘suck out’ skin’s natural moisture. Use a Muslin cloth instead. It’s textured, so gives the added benefit of a gentle exfoliation. Soak in warm water, squeeze out and wipe over the face. The warmth will stimulate circulation, leaving you with a healthy glow.

7. Tone Up

Toner whisks away any residue from your cleanser. It also leaves skin feeling refreshed, and prepares it for moisture. Choose a toner to suit your skin type: If it’s oily, go for those with extracts of witch hazel and, for sensitive skin, look for one with rose water. The result? Radiant, peachy-clean skin.

The Best Cleansers

  • Gee…That Was Quick! by Benefit. Removes heavy make-up, as if by magic!
  • No.7 Soft And Soothed Gentle Cleanser. A non-drying, creamy formula, this hydrates you skin, leaving it radiant. Perfect for drier skins.
  • Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula. Great for oilier skin and gives a thorough cleanse without drying.
  • L’Oréal De- Maq’ Expert ‘Milk – to – Toner’ 2 In 1 Make-Up Remover. A make-up removing milk that transforms into toner on the skin.


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