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As a club penguin member one of the things that I enjoy is my club penguin membership. Yet some people can’t afford club penguin membership and all of this websites that make you download things are either viruses or fake. However, today I’ll show you what I do to get my free club penguin membership.

All you have to do is just sign up and confirm your e-mail to get a free club penguin membership at free Club Penguin membership website! If you put fake information, then some lucky person is going to be getting your free club penguin membership. After doing that you will need to click on the confirmation link in a e-mail sent to you. Your download for your free club penguin membership should start after a valid e-mail is submitted.

Now this is all you have to do to get free club penguin membership, it is a very simple procedure that will only take 5 minutes! Now you will be on your way to having more fun for the cost of nothing.

Here is some information about Club Penguin.

Club Penguin is a very fun game that is owned by Disney, so you know that all content and information is going to be safe. You take the role as a penguin and you can interact in the virtual world filled with other penguins. There is a membership option in which you can take your fun to a whole new level, but it can be expensive, so by having your free club penguin membership, you allow yourself to have much more fun without spending a penny.

Puffles are small, fluffy creatures that players may have as pets. They are available from the Pet Shop in blue, green, pink, black, purple, red, yellow, white, orange, and brown variety . Non-members have access to the blue and red puffles only, and may have no more than two; members may adopt up to nineteen puffles.Members whose membership has expired are permitted to keep their puffles, but they cannot replace them once they have run away.

The game was designed for ages 6-14. Thus a major focus of the developers has been on child safety, with a number of features introduced to the game to facilitate this – including offering an “Ultimate Safe Chat” mode, whereby users select their comments from a menu; filtering that prevents swearing and the revelation of personal information; and moderators (along with veteran players) who patrol the game. The game has been criticized for teaching consumerism and allowing players to “cheat”.


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