LOST- The Final Season "Recon" It’s All About Sawyer Tonight

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Last night’s LOST episode Recon, packed a lot of information and stage setting into its 42 minutes of air time.  From all the talkback I’ve been reading, a lot of people had simply dismissed this episode as mere filler, a way to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be by the end of next week’s Richard Alpert episode, but after watching last night, I think they may have been wrong.

This Sawyer-centric episode gives us a much difference glimpse of our rugged bad boy in his flash sideways view.  We find Mr. Ford in bed with another beauty, looking as if he plans to pull off the same con as he had on countless other women, with one notable exception…the chick is not about to be conned, and James is no con man, he’s a cop.  A detective to be exact. 

Looks like James has decided on a different path when it comes to looking for Anthony Cooper.  Oh yes, the man named Sawyer did, in fact, still cause his parents’ death and there are allusions to the fact that James still spent a good portion of his life living outside the law, but at some point he decided that living life as a detective would give him the edge in finding the elusive Mr. Cooper.  As a matter of fact, James has apparently been spending quite a bit of time looking for Sawyer as he has an entire folder’s worth of investigation hidden neatly in the drawer that is not holding his t-shirts, as Charlotte finds out the hard way.  Yes folks, Charlotte makes a stunning comeback tonight as a friend of Miles.  Miles, who plays James’ partner on the force, sets Charlotte and James up on a blind date, which ultimately leads to a tryst in which Charlotte stumbles across the Sawyer folder in search of a t-shirt.  James kicks her out of his apartment at 3:00 AM, obviously disturbed that he’d been nailed.

After a brief confrontation with Miles in the locker room about his devious trip to Australia, James is forced to come to terms with the fact that he had indeed treated Charlotte badly and attempts to reconcile by showing up unannounced on her doorstep, sad sunflower in hand, which she rebuffs completely.  Score one for feminism in the 12st century.  She doesn’t need his crap and has no problems leaving him out in the cold. 

Even though James is still obviously a little rough around the edges, as with the other flash sideways stories, he has managed to come out in a much better position in his parallel life than the course he was on pre-crash.  It seems to be the running theme in all the flash sideways stories that our beloved survivors of Oceanic 815 have somehow been able to get off the path to self destruction that they were all riding and find themselves in a better place.

Back on the Island, life is not quite so peachy for Sawyer.  Un-Locke sends him to Hydra Island, the same Island that he, Kate and Jack had been kept on when kidnapped by Ben and the others, for some recon work.  MiB tells Sawyer that he needs more intel on the other survivors of the Ajira flight, and yet when Sawyer gets to the Island, there are no survivors from the flight.  There is only one person who purports to be from the flight, but we ultimately find out she’s working for Widmore, who has finally found a way to get back to the Island after all this time.  Sawyer’s first and only concern is for himself, making deals with both MiB and with Widmore in an effort to get these two into battle while sneaking off the Island with Kate on Widmore’s sub.  Somehow I just don’t think that it’s going to be that easy, James.

On another note, while Sawyer is off making deals with the devil, Kate figures out that something is just not quite right with Sayid, however, she’s not given a whole lot of time to contemplate this as Claire tackles her from left field, wielding a knife, with the intent to kill her.  All the while, Sayid simply sits on a log and does nothing.  Un-Locke breaks up the confrontation, slapping Claire. 

Later, MiB explains to Kate that Claire is a confused and now crazy person, as if that would assuage Kate’s fear and confusion.  Later, Claire has a creepy breakdown moment where she apologize for trying to kill Kate.  She’s obviously completely off her rocker these days.  The question now is, is it permanent?

The one thing we now know for certain is that Sawyer and Kate are not “infected” so to speak.  They still have the ability to make their own decisions regardless of what MiB wants.  The same can’t be said for Sayid.  Claire is still a mystery.  On one hand, I would like to think that she’s simply brainwashed and yet, she showed Jin her brand.  She’s obviously been tested by Dogen and the temple folks and deemed infected, so…

Speaking of Jin…he’s still good to go as well.  Sawyer tries to get him onboard with the plan to leave the Island, but not without Sun…I sure will be glad when these two are reunited.

And, one other inconsistency…Sawyer has talked to Jin and to Kate about leaving the Island, but not Sayid.  We haven’t seen a point in time where Sawyer finds out that Sayid’s not on the same team and yet he’s already been dismissed.  I find it interesting, especially since Sawyer only finds out in this episode that MiB is the smoke monster.  Plot hole?  Maybe.


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