How To Stop Nosebleeds

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Nosebleeds are usually not a symptoms of an underlying health issue, but they can be frightening and embarrassing. Nosebleeds occur when the blood vessels in the nasal septum dry out and crack. There are things that can be done to keep the nasal passages moist and help prevent nosebleeds from occurring and specific ways to stop a nosebleed while it is happening.

Moisture For Prevention

Indoor, conditioned air is dry, especially in the winter months. The dry air causes the tiny blood vessels in the nostrils to dry out and crack, using a humidifier indoors will help prevent this by keeping moisture in the air.

Using a saline nose spray will also help to keep the blood vessels from drying out and cracking. A small amount of antibiotic ointment or KY jelly placed inside the nostrils will keep the lining of the nose moist too. Using Vaseline for this is generally not recommended, as the Vaseline can be inhaled and cause lung inflammation.

How To Stop A Nosebleed

When a nosebleed occurs, stop it quickly with these tips:

Sit down with your bent forward. Don’t bend the head backwards, blood will be swallowed from that position.

Place finger tips on the soft part of the nose and compress for 10 minutes. Breathe through the mouth, remove fingers at the end of 10 minutes to check to see if the nosebleed has stopped, if not, compress the nose for 10 more minutes, then re-check.

If the nosebleed is continuing after 20 minutes of compression, slightly dampen cotton balls and pack into the nostrils and place an ice pack across the nose and cheeks. Remain seated with head bent forward.


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