How Mark Twain Came to Be

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Could such negative things such as slavery ever have a positive effect on something?  Mark Twain was heavily influenced with racism and slavery tensions, because of
growing up in the south.  Just living in the south alone may have been his greatest influence.  Growing up around slavery and harsh attitudes towards blacks also could have
given his characters the opinions they had, which in most cases were similar to Twain’s himself.  Also family responsibilities and memories have shown to be a great influence over Twain’s righting as well as his life.
Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835 to John and Jane Clemens in a small town called Florida Missouri.  He grew up in Missouri where he was around a number of things which heavily influenced his southern writings.  Mark Twain was only his pen name though, his actual name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Mark Twain’s eldest brother, Orion helped nature Mark’s love for writing.  In Hannibal Missouri Orion purchased the Hannibal Journal newspaper, renaming it the Hannibal Western Union.  This was the very beginning of Mark Twain’s writing career.  As Orion moved to Muscatine Iowa, he founded the Muscatine Journal.  After getting married, he moved to Keokuk Iowa, where he and his wife, Mollie had a child named Jennie.  In Keokuk Orion Clemens started a printing company.  At this printing company he would print news articles, books, and other writings.  Orion hired his two brothers, Mark, or Samuel, and Henry Clemens, to work in the printing shop.  This job did not last forever though,  Orion’s printing business was a financial ruin within several years, and he was forced to look for other work.
Orion again influenced Mark’s writing directly by asking Mark to accompany him on a trip westward to Nevada.  Lincoln’s attorney general appointed Orion as Secretary of the Nevada territory.  This appointment was a reward for his heavy campaigning support of Lincoln for the election of 1860.  Orion took his brother Samuel along with him as he journeyed to Carson City.  Samuel was excited to be included in his eldest brother’s move westward.  He later based the book “Roughing It” off of these travels with his brother.
Orion was forced to move back to Keokuk, Iowa when Jennie died, this event brought the Clemens family closer and in many ways back together.  Mark was becoming a literary celebrity at the time, and he owed much of this to his brother who did very much to spark his interest in writing and printing at an early age.  For the remainder of Mark, or Samuel’s life he would pay his brother back, in a way, by showing him how good of a writer he could become, and making him proud of helping him get his start on his writing.


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