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The perfect Utopia would last longer than any other civilization, it would take from many ideas, the success of others, and also the failures that lead to the fall of many of the worlds other civilizations. It would need to make sure that all areas were covered before it was too far to turn back and fix mistakes.

The structure of the country would use the most successful styles of government mixed with popular utopian beliefs Thomas Moore states that many ideas would be taken from Greece and Rome, two of the most successful empires in history The violence would need to stay low unless completely necessary, and in that case would have a great part of the budget spent on military training, There would be a shifting system which would change to fit the times.

If the country were to come to a depression the leader would use the money for the economy and the stock and also would help people focus on the real estate market to keep generating cash flow in a positive way. If we were in a time of war then they should try to allow most of the to be focused on military training and supplies. If there was a time of peace the money would be stretched evenly money and some would be used to help other countries in need other countries especially if this country could gain with trade from their resources also to help form alliances with many other countries with more political power.

Or in the stock market I would set up many government businesses, and generate stocks in them and would keep a great number for the government itself but then slowly sell them off similar to the housing and properties market. And if needed would also generate more businesses

Some of the more brutal ideas would need to be avoided which could make the citizens dislike their government and surroundings such as in a communist government where the government is in charge of every thing and citizens are abused and cannot control their own lives. There need to be a small part from the government though, because if the government was in charge of some it could give and take power to balance the power of its citizens and their assets or wealth. The same would be with the people they would shift there power so they neither would become too corrupt. The people of the utopia itself, should know how to be polite and civilized to avoid barbaric conflicts or civil wars, and for religions, they would be separate but the citizens would be encouraged to attend a widely accepted church and possibly fund some certain church activities if the people voted and wished for it. This would hopefully have the people acting in a more peaceful manor towards each other and avoid internal conflicts in side of the country itself and stay away from unnecessary domestic violence and the expenses that come with it. In a state of emergency this may even stop civil wars if the majority of people were raised peacefully.

It would be a very difficult task to blend the right mixtures of culture, government, and social issues, into a utopia It would not just be my opinion, but the ideas of civilizations. It would take from the legacies of successful countries and combining them generally if they would work together. Also it would be used the other way around, to take from the destruction of other countries. This would be an attempt to have two positive influences on every aspect of the civilization. The utopia would also be influenced with popular opinions to keep things in check for many people, who have many different views or influences, if could do that then the disagreements would not matter and I would have created a perfect style of economy, politics, social life, and military; a Utopia.


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