Fish is Meat Too – June 8th 2009

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I can understand why the BNP won their seats yesterday. After a brief look at their official website I see they appear to have some attractive policies. If you don’t know they are fundamentally Nazis then you may be tempted to vote for them. It’s all Gordon Browns fault, of course. It wasn’t the far right that won seats for the BNP, it was disillusioned core Labour supporters let down by this government’s complete disregard for the founding principles of the original movement and disrespect for the real working man.

The new working man, now the new middle classes, grown fat under New Labour have not only lost touch with their founding fathers but have completely forgotten that the real working man has a voice. Buried in political correctness, freedom of speech has taken a bitter turn and is now being manipulated by the far right to the disbelief of the rest of the nation.

One of the BNP’s anti-immigration policies is a halt on the building of new mosques in an attempt to slow the rise of Islam in what is after all a Christian country. Working on the principle of a single God, perhaps with the near-death low attendances of other denominations it might be a smart move for any political party to open up all the existing churches as universal houses of worship that could be utilised by all – Moslems on Fridays, Jews on Saturdays and Christians on Sundays. Monday to Thursday the churches could host Bingo or Karaoke sessions open to anyone of any faith thus integrating every section of the community.

If I was thirty years younger, and if the opportunity presented itself, I would derive great pleasure from knocking every last grain of shit out of BNP leader, Nick Griffin. Unfortunately, these people are far from stupid probably the most dangerous being the new member for Yorkshire and Humberside, one Andrew Brons, an ex lecturer in politics with a background as a high ranking member of the National Front. Alarming and dangerous as the situation may be, European Parliamentary seats bring with them power, certain legitimacy and a modicum of respectability. Maybe they’ll be able to persuade their fellow members to move the chamber from Brussels to Berlin. Sieg Heil!


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