Create Autorun cd Using Autorun.inf

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There are situations when we need to create a CD that utilizes autorun feature of windows.The autorun feature of windows uses autorun.inf file to decide what to do when CD is inserted in CD-ROM.This autorun.inf file should be located in root directory of your CD and it is like .ini file.You can create this file using any text editor like notepad.

The content of autorun.inf file is collection of commands which you can use to run any executable or open any html file with menu or open flash file with nice menu effects for various tasks that can be performed using cd contents.
the commands section in autorun.inf file start with [autorun] there should be one command in each line.
The label command is used to specify label to be displayed in explorer.
label = mycd

The icon command is used to specify the icon file which will be displayed insted of CD-ROM drive in explorer it can be .ico file or you can use the same icon as of your executable

using icon file
icon = myicon.ico
using executable
icon = setup.exe

the open command is most important command and it is used to specify the path and file name of your application.
open = setup.exe

an example of autorun.inf file.If this file is place in your CD with autorun.inf name then label of this CD will appear as mycd and icon shown will be the myicon in yor explorer.Setup.exe is the file that will run automatically on insertion of CD.

[autorun] label = mycd
icon = myicon.ico
open = setup.exe

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