How to know who the true God is ?

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                                           How to know  who the True God is?

          No one has seen the Creator God.  It is also said that you cannot see God in His glorified state  and live on the Earth.  So, God  has to be in our imagination only.  But one thing is certain – God is real and He is alive.  The extraordinary thing is that God has placed a great onus on us to find Him. Actually it is a command.  If you have not found out who He is, then you are failing in your duty as a human being.

          Instead of making  the task easier, the Creator God seems to have made  it  somewhat difficult for us.  He has allowed lakhs and lakhs of fake gods  to take residence on the Earth. What is stranger still is,He has given the fake gods some powers of miracles too.

          What are the fake gods doing on the Earth? you would ask. Who are they anyway?  What is their mission on our  Globe? They are outcastes,  erstwhile angels of Heaven but banished from there.  Banished from Heaven? And did the true God permit them to come down to the  Earth even after knowing that they are anti-God.   Yes, indeed.  Their sole purpose is to mislead the human beings and prevent them from knowing who the True and Creator God is. It is  the True God’s will that every human being, after leading a fruitful life on the Earth, should come and  live with him in His home for ever. God named it, “Eternal life or Salvation”. And the fake gods are trying to stop this journey. Towards this, they would make use of the small  miraculous power delegated to them by producing  some kinds of illusions, make believe stories and also try  to convince the humans that they are the rulers of the Earth and they alone  should be worshipped.  Whereas the true God’s command  to the human beings is, “Thou shalt worship only the  God who created you  and not bow down to any thing  or anybody else.”  Is it so? And yet, the true God permitted these evil gods to work against Him? Yes, very much.  It’s a different story as to why He permitted the frauds to descend of all places to the planet Earth and mislead the humans. 

          Hasn’t he true God put us in a  great dilemma?  Indeed, He has.  And possibly one day, He is going to ask us, “Did you make a serious  effort to  locate and identify me, my son?”  You are most likely to say, “Well Sir, I tried.  But this god of mine said, ‘worship me and  I will give you lots of wealth’.”

          “And, what did you do” God would ask.

          “I indeed worshipped him, Sir and I got lots of money in the bargain, when I was alive on the Earth..  But….. but …I didn’t know that that fake god would go out of his way to prevent me from  standing in front of the true God.  And truly I am far away from you although I could hear you talk.  Won’t you take me into your abode, Sir?”

         “Sorry, sonny boy.  You have made yourself fully  ineligible to be a member of my family.  You have  to go to the camp of your fake god only. He is over there.” God pointed a hand in a westerly direction where the sonny boy could see millions of human heads.

         “But Sir, may I trouble you with two more questions?” sonny boy pleaded.

         “Go ahead,”

          “I can see you now though you are quite far away. Why didn’t you  come to the Earth and show yourself to remove the confusion..?”

          “ I did, sonny boy.  I did visit the Earth as a human being and spent 33 ½ years there.  But people at that time and the generation of that time, refused to believe me.  I performed so many miracles to substantiate my divinity.  Incidentally, has any doctor or magician  fully cleansed a hard core leper in one second?  Has any person, including your  Mr. Xx, the so called  god, brought to life a dead person?  Has anyone walked on water?  Has a born lame man been made  perfect instantly? Has anyone fed some 5000 people with five pieces of bread and two fishes? All these are recorded in  book form called ‘The Holy Bible’ which is available at a very low price anywhere  in the world.”        

          “Oh yes, Sir.  I did hear stories like that from one …one… I think … his name was Robert and he called himself an Evangelist.  He was preaching about one Jesus.  Was it you, Sir?”

          “Of course, it was Me”

          “I thought Robert was pulling fast ones on his listeners, Sir.  So, I didn’t follow up on his teachings.  Nor did I care to read the Bible…  Sir, here is my second question..’

          “Go on sonny.”

         “Robert also said, that Jesus died.  I mean people caught hold of  Him and killed him.  How could a God be killed, Sir?”

         “Didn’t Robert also tell you that I came out of the grave, Alive,  on the third day.  And I  lived on the Earth as a resurrected man for  40 days and appeared to all my disciples and some 500  people. Thereafter I returned to my permanent home, which is called Heaven?”

         “Yes  Sir, I remember vaguely all what you have said just now..  But I didn’t believe Robert.  At that time I thought Robert was telling lies;  he was a  clever trickster to divert me from my god.”

         “Your time is up, sonny boy.  Now go to your camp. OK?  You would meet your chieftain over there.  His name is Lucifer.  In fact he calls himself by several names.  You have   to spend your eternity in Lucifer’s camp, which is hot and humid and you would be burning perpetually. .Good bye, sonny boy.”


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