Good food and good health

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Good food includes fresh vegetales, milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter. Freshly cooked meals are always good because of the fact that, fresh will retain its proteins in food will provide good health.

Good food can also prevent health problems for you. Many of us due to not having proper knowledge about good food invite health problems. Therefore it is important to understand what is good food and in what measure it should be taken.

Firstly, if you include eggs, bread, butter, milk and cheese in your breakfast it is very good. Secondly fresh fruit juice will be very good if you take it daily at the hour of your breakfast.

Apart from this, for your lunch and dinner, if you are taking fish, meat, chicken along with other vegetables which include green leaves, potatoes, tomaotoes, carrots, aubergines, beetroots, bell peppers,capsicums and plenty other fresh vegetables which can be used in daily cooking.

Ensure that you add freshly cooked meals so that it will give you good health and it also keep your energy levels very high. Once you are satisifed that you are comfortable with your daily meal schedule, you can set a menu plan for yourself and follow it on a daily basis. Your diet must include proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins so that your food will provide you good health.

Food being the main source for keeping good health, your food must carry excellent nutrients to give you perfect health. Good food and good food habits must be consistent and must go well


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