How safe is a pregnancy massage

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Most massages are not really recommendable to pregnant women but there is a special kind of massage that has been designed for mommies to be called pregnancy massage. Of course it is also very tiring carrying a baby for nine months especially during the third trimester because your baby has been gaining weight already. You feel back pain and your feet looks like it’s filled with water making it feel heavy. Pregnancy massage is a great way to relax you decreasing feeling of heaviness.

Pregnancy massage should be properly executed with the right position of the woman. She should be comfortable at the same time. Pregnancy massage makes use of padding and pillows for support. Pregnancy massage is very sensitive when it comes to apply pressures on the body.

Positive effects of pregnancy massage:

  • Since medicines are not really suggested to pregnant women, pregnancy massage is a good alternative if you feel pain on some areas such as your back.
  • It can decrease anxiety.

Be very careful and make sure that the therapist is a qualified in pregnancy massage.

As much as possible, don’t get a pregnancy massage during the first trimester because the first 3 months is the most delicate part during pregnancy. Consult first your doctor if you can get a pregnancy massage.

Being a pregnant woman is not easy. There are lots of limitations that you should consider. Sometimes this makes you feel anxious and stressed and so you want something to take these feelings out from your system. They say that what you feel is also felt by your baby inside the womb and you don’t want this to happen. Opt for a pregnancy massage because it can help you calm down and relax. Always prioritize your health by releasing all the negative things you are feeling.


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