The Full And Rhythmic Yoga Breathing Effects

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Your body will cease to exist without air.  The basic elements of life are food, water and air.  However, your body can go on for a day without food and water but without air in a couple of minutes your body will stop functioning.  Breathing is a way of life and in fact it is beneficial to your body.  Since it is become a natural thing for you, you might have disregarded the effects of breathing to your overall health physically, mentally and spiritually.

In yoga, you will be taught the natural method of breathing that would help in preventing cardio-vascular and nervous system disorders without being externally dependent.  Yoga breathing may help in the reversal of health problems as it teaches the correct breathing.  It uses the full capacity of the respiratory organs and trains your body to adapt in a new and healthier way of breathing.

The foundation of the powerful yoga breathing techniques is the full yogic breath known as the Pranayama.  This is known for its multiple benefits including reduction of emotional and nervous anxiety.  In the physical level, yoga breathing releases muscular tensions on the chest and digestive areas.  Since it targets the respiratory system, it also helps in alleviating respiratory illnesses like asthma and emphysema as it increases the capacity of the lungs to hold air.

As the air is properly regulated, yoga breathing encourages proper functioning of the cardio-vascular system.  The technique also improves the detoxification process of the body by increasing the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body.  It also amplifies the regeneration of your body by increasing the energy circulation to the endocrine system.  In effect, it calms the soul, body and mind as it balances out your mental and physical state.  This also has a good effect onhair loss prevention.  Because aside from relieving stress which also causes hair loss, the increased oxygen flow will also rejuvenate hair growth.

However, the main benefit of yoga breathing is that it contributes to your vitality and relaxation even in one single practice.  It is so powerful that it is beneficial to almost any parts of your organs.


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