Reviewing Washington State U.S. Senatorial Republican Candidate: Don Benton

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Let’s start out with some straight facts from Mr. Benton’s campaign page, and then we’ll go over some creative perspectives and thoughts from yours truly.


-Private Sector Jobs

-Free Markets

-Government Accountibility


-The War


-Health Care Reform


In The Middle/Unclear:

-His views of military are unclear


Unanswered/Not Asked:


-The Drug War

-Gay Marriage



-What’s he offering us?

Now that we have take a look at Mr. Benton’s website

let’s go over a review of the format he’s laid out the information and just how “transparent” his campaign has been. To start us off, I would like to say that his “issues” page is probably one of the shortest pages I have seen on any candidate yet. While I do like a “short and to the point” kind of answer, many of his answers aren’t clear and seem quiet rehearsed…. Reminds me of someone… A few persons in fact…

Also, Mr. Benton appears to have been a long term state politician for Washington state and that goes against my principles, as it does against most American’s currently, who oppose career politicians.

According to Mr. Benton’s facebook campaign page, he has signed up with twitter and other social networking sites, but it appears he doesn’t prefer to answer his fans and constituents questions. Most noteably, “Why did you wait till after the massecheutess race to start campaigning?” and “What are you offering us that the other candidates aren’t already promising?” and “When can we meet you?”

It also appears from some other publications that Mr. Benton is working with several groups straight out of D.C. who are trying to get “D.C. approved” candidates into the race.

Sorry Mr. Benton, it is my prediction that you will not win the race, but any opposition to Senator Patty Murray is nice!

I hope you will take the time to research and look into Washington State Senator Don Benton and his campaign to run for Washington States U.S. Senatorial Campaign. Look into him, then make up your own mind. It’s important that we know who is running, what their background is and whether or not they chalk up to all the other candidates promising things they can’t actually accomplish.!/pages/Don-Benton/13438768593?ref=ts


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