Is law school for you

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Is law school for you? How do you know that you will do well after law school? You should know for sure before you waste $100k on student loans. There are a lot of student loans obligations and you can’t really afford law school unless you have a lot of savings on hand. Law school can be costly and it doesn’t mean that you can get pell grant for graduate school. There usually isn’t that many pell grant available for graduate school. You usually have to obtain loans, scholarship and your own savings for graduate school.

Beside paying for law school, you have to ask yourself if you will enjoy your work. Law school will prepare you of course but when you graduate, you’re on your own. If you fail to defend your client well enough, they can end up going to jail for the rest of their lives as opposed to a really good lawyer, who will get about 10 years for his client instead of life in prison. Each lawyer will be able to do different things for their clients and not all lawyers are made equal. This is why you should like your work and enjoy doing it.

You should go to court and see what lawyers do. You can also watch online court videos to see the kind of work that they have to do. It’s really intense work. You will have a lot of pressure and it’s not for everyone. It’s not good for those that can’t make a strict decision or be able to prosecute people. You might have to act as a prosecutor sometimes. You might have to put people in jail for the rest of their life or sentenced them to capital punishment.

I know that I can’t be a judge or a prosecutor because I can’t make these kind of decision. I’m a woman and I have a lot of forgiveness inside of me. Apparently, I’m not good for these positions at all. If you’re a woman and you’re emotional, you will not do well as a judge or a prosecutor because you will feel sorry for people. If you’re a man, you might have a better time doing these jobs and I see that many prosecutor and judge are men.

Lawyers have to contest to police men and all other authorities all the time. It’s difficult to do this if you’re a woman. I don’t even like to look at the police, so I can’t fight against them daily. It’s stressful. It’s scary for me even when I stare at their uniform. I don’t think that I can be a lawyer that has to do a lot of criminal cases. However, there are many different type of lawyers. You don’t always have to do criminals. You can do other things too.


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