How to get free healthcare for your kids

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There is help if you can’t afford healthcare for your kids. You can get help from the government. It’s better than leaving your kids without any child care. You can get help right now. You can qualify in as quick as one week. All you need is to be a family of low income or unemployed. You can also qualify if you are disabled and can’t care for your kids. You will get this at the local welfare office.

You have to be a family of low income. Your household income has to be low enough. You have to have a low income in order to get it. If you make over $2k per month and you have a husband and family helping you out, you might not qualify. You have to make little and your husband might have to make little or you must have expenses higher than income in order to qualify. However, the welfare department will give healthcare to your kids if they find that you have low income.

What do you need to do in order to get it? You can walk to the welfare office and fill out an application. You will need to bring all documents like IDs, incomes of you and your spouse, if any spouse, w2, sequences of checks, and your child’s information. You will then get an interview with a worker. You should let them know that you make too little income to afford healthcare for your child. After a week or a month, they will let you know their decision. They will mail it to you. You can qualify for check up heathcare, Medicaid or pay on a scale for your child. Medicaid and check up are free to you. You don’t have to pay any portion of it. You do have to pay when it comes to scale plans.


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