Will you be happy with your job: Why personalities matters in career

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I’m sure most adults know their temperament. It’s little kids or High School graduates that don’t know their temperament too well and they engage in jobs that don’t fit them too well. They then find themselves at distress. You can’t be distress if you work at the place that you like. You have to like where you work. You have to like what you do. I major in nursing one time and realized that there is no way I can ever do that job successfully without fighting with the doctors and other nurses all day long and my job doesn’t allow fighting in the work place. I’m a very outspoken individual and I will fight when I need to.

The job of nursing doesn’t allow any workplace fooling around. You are like a police man, bound to every rules in the book. It’s extremely stressful. This is why you must research the workplace that you’re going to major in and see if it will fit you or not. You will be surprise that people will even quit being a lawyer even after they finish law school. It’s not for everyone and especially some women too. I saw one woman who quit her work as a lawyer because she didn’t like it too much. Of course, it’s tough for a woman to deal with police officer harassment in court, judges, and just the whole drama and trauma of a lawsuit. It’s better handled by a man.

You can sit down and write down on a piece of paper about your personality types to see if you will like your job when you graduate. Are you quiet or outspoken? Do you like or dislike people? Do you like to obey orders or like to be the boss? Do you like to lie or to be an honest person? If you’re honest, you can’t be a salesman. Do you like to help people out or are you irritate by problems with patients or people? If you don’t like helping people then you might not enjoy pubic health, police, or even teaching work.

You should ask yourself a lot of these questions. It will give you more insight into the kind of work that will fit you best. If you hate being around people, there is no way that you can be an actor because you will be in front of 100 of people doing kissing scenes. Well, now is your time to quit thinking about being an actor if you will run out of the room when you have to perform in front of people because you will need to do a lot of it.


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