6 ways to keep him from cheating on you

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Keep the fight down

If you fight daily, he will be frustrated. He will feel like this is all that there is in his life. He only have fights. He will feel like his life is really bad. It’s stressful for anyone to fight all the time. You should keep it down and avoid fighting. Talk but don’t yell or fight.

Don’t mess around

If you mess around with other men, don’t expect him to be faithful. He will be unfaithful if he sees all of this just to get back with you. You should treat him like the way you want him to treat you.

Be respectful

Men are egomaniac. They like to be respected by their ladies. If you yell at them, call them name, tell them that they’re whatever, you can lose them to other women who will respect them more, and be nicer to them.


If you have problems, you need to communicate and talk it out. It’s good to fight it out or talk it out but don’t play the silence game. This is when it gets worst. You should not keep it silence. If you don’t like the way he doesn’t go home on time after work, you should tell him so. You can say this, “ I’m kind of worry that you don’t come home on time. Is there something wrong or are you doing something that I should know about.” You should attack the issue right away. You get things resolved better this way.

Give him what he wants

If you don’t give him what he wants, he will look for it somewhere else. Why would he look somewhere else if he has it at home. This is just common sense. When they don’t have what they want, they will start looking elsewhere, whether it be intimacy, love, support, or respect. If you ignore him, don’t sleep with him, yells at him most of the time, and neglect him, you can count on the fact that they will look for it somewhere else.

Keep up with your looks and manner

It’s hard to read this one but it’s very important that you keep up with your looks and manner. If you let this go, they will be very turn off. This is when they start looking elsewhere. You have seen those talk show where women gain more than 20 lbs and their husband wants to leave unless they lose weight. Yes, it bothers them that you gain weight. Women are more into men’s characters whereas men are more into their characteristics. Men said that they cheat because their wife or girlfriend doesn’t look good anymore. You should keep your weight in control and groom yourself to the max. It’s important to wear makeup, put on a dress, do your hair, and dress sexy sometimes. When you lose it, he will lose it too.


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