5 things your husband is hiding from you

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He likes to get away from you sometimes

Men love to be single and be free. They like to do things on their own or with their boys. They don’t like to be with you all the time. Even lovers need a holiday and I think that this is true. Especially men, there are things that they really need to do like drinking, fishing, and playing balls. They like the strip clubs sometimes too. You have to give them these things.

He enjoys his freedom more than anything

Men love his freedom and this is why they remain single for so long. They like to have plenty of space even though they are in a relationship with you. You have to give him a lot of space in order for him to appreciate your relationship more. It’s wrong to squeeze him too tight to the relationship. The more you squeeze the sand, the faster it falls out of your hands.

He really doesn’t like all the little things that you make him do

I’ve seen women make their men do the little things that they don’t really like. There are some that will tell their husband to dress up and meet their family at family reunion or take them shopping. They also tell them to plan their wedding or help them buy their wedding supplies. They tell men to buy them beauty products. They tell men to cook for them.

He wishes that he’s single sometimes

It’s kind of hard to hear but men wish that they’re single sometimes. They wish that they can be single again if they’re married. I know that it’s true with my dad. He just wish that he’s 18 years old again. He doesn’t like his responsibilities and his relationship. He wish that he was divorce. Yes, this is life after marriage. The green isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.

He really likes hot women even though he’s in a relationship

It’s just a men thing. They like those hot women with big bust, nice legs and a pretty face even though they’re in a relationship. If you don’t believe it, look at John Edward’s affair and Eliot S. , governor of New York’s affair. They both went for hot, tall, pretty babes when their wives are older, not that attractive, and ill. I guess men go for what they don’t have. I think you can learn a lot from these two affairs. If you look at the wives of these two people, you can see why they enjoy their affair with hot women. I guess it’s lust with hot women but love with their wives. There is a difference and lust is short term while love if a life time. Just because men cheat, it doesn’t mean that they love their Barbie dolls. It might be only for the fun. This is why women need to keep looking hot for their men.


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