5 Things women won’t tell you

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They like men with power

Women have always like men with power and wealth. Women are weak so they like men who can take care of them. If you are not powerful, you can try to become powerful. You get more women that way. Some women are more powerful than men nowadays but they still like men with power.

They don’t like their mother in law

They might like their mother in law and they might not like them. It will depends but most of the time, they might not like their mother in law. Women will keep it to themselves most of the time.

They wish your family leave them alone

Women have always been harassed by the in-laws. Women are the weaker force so you should stand up for your wife whenever you have the opportunity. You can tell your family to have some respect for your girlfriend or wife.

They like it if you save more money

When it comes to joint checking account, they’re angry if you spend all of their money on tools. Women like to see their man save more money. Women are great at saving money. They know how to save for a rainy day but men don’t know how to do that.

They don’t like to meet your female friends

This is an obvious one. Women never like other women. They just don’t. if you want to get in trouble then you can introduce her to your female friends. When you’re in a relationship, you should keep your female friends on lay away. They can destroy your relationship.


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